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Introducing The Overages Multiplier Method!

Top Private Investigator Reveals How to Find The Claimants Average Overages Investors

Discover The Real Secret Of Super Successful Overages Finders!

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There are some MASSIVE Overages Out There Like This One for $88,162.24 That Deanna L. Reclaimed (pocketing $35,264.80 for her efforts!): 

Or, This One Recovered for $64,762.12 - (The Commission? $25,904!)

Dear Overages Finder,

Had YOU been the person to find and recover these overages you’d have banked a combined $61,168.80! 

What would you do with that kind of money over and above what you'd already be collecting from your normal Overages efforts? Would you...

...pay off credit cards? 

...invest in your future? 

...pay off your mortgage and surprise your spouse?! (Like Carl C. did!)

...take a loooong vacation?​

I'm sure you could find many uses for checks of that size!


...there's only only one thing standing between YOU
and these Massive Checks…

The Claimants are HIDING!

Your average Overage Investor will spend some time on these massive overages… maybe a little more time than usual but then give up or get distracted and focus on the smaller, "easier" overages… but, what if YOU could find these people when everyone else has failed… and because you found them when no one else could… you’d actually IMPRESS them and they'd believe you could do what you say... namely, getting that MASSIVE overage check back for them!

Here’s what would happen if you could do that: Your income would skyrocket! Just one of these checks could be 5-10x your average commission… and it wouldn’t take 5-10x longer to get it. That’s why we KNOW you could easily double or triple your overages income - and you can get started working on these massive checks the very day you start our new course. 

One of the Best Private Investigators in The World Reveals His Top Methods for Easily Finding Those Who Do NOT Want to Be Found.

In the overages business, finding the owners, or “skip-tracing” is the first and perhaps most important step, yet training and information on doing so is hard to come by. In this course, we will do what no other course in this business has yet done: We will teach you the most up-to-date, advanced methods to find these people.

Finding the sellers of properties is made even more difficult because they often do not want to be found by creditors. We will give you the tools and teach you the hidden methods, procedures, and techniques you need to efficiently and quickly find the claimants, so you can get their money back from the "greedy" government trying to sit on the claims until the statute expires.

Being able to find people quickly is so critical to your success in the overage business, because if you can do that, you will make more money, and make it faster. After you complete this course and master its content, you will move quickly and confidently on the path of building a rewarding, successful, profitable business.

This course includes everything you need to FIND them. Including video training and walkthroughs where the Private Investigator actually shows you HOW to use the tools only the most successful PIs use to find people who don't want to be found. ​

This training is the KEY to getting MASSIVE Overages Checks! At $997, we KNOW it's a steal! But, we've priced it very low for a few reasons. We know that the more successful our students are the more money we'll eventually make through goodwill and referrals. 

If all you did was get ONE check like the ones above PER YEAR wouldn't it be worth it?

What If It Just Opened Up The 25% of Overages Most Consider "Unfindable" on Every List?​

It's nice to think about those massive checks... but even if the ONLY thing this program did was allow you to FIND those 25% or so of "unfindable" checks on each list it would pay for itself on that FIRST check. 

And, we know it will make your normal Overages finding all that much faster and easier. ​That means, more money and more FREE time!

It could mean expanding by teaching OTHERS to do it for you so you can focus on ​whatever you want to focus on in your overages business.

The Benefits Extend to OTHER Forms of Investment
and Money Making Activity, too

Do you own real estate or plan to? Any interest in pre-foreclosures or pre-tax sales? Finding people who don't want to be found can help you make money or collect more money than the average investor.

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