Are You Prepared to Profit From the Coming Economic Boom?

Or, will yet another one pass you by?

An economic boom is coming... The signs are all around us. The S&P stock index is already up 10% plus this year. New stock records are being set DAILY. 

Home prices are at their highest EVER. ​According to a July 2017 Reuters article, "The median house price jumped 6.5 percent from a year ago to an all-time high of $263,800 in June. It was the 64th straight month of year-on-year price increases." 

​What does all this mean to you? 

It's very simple. If you're not making more money now than you ever have before, you risk letting this boom pass you by. Because, after every boom, there's a bust. If you haven't socked away money, erased debt and invested wisely you could end up in WORSE shape than before.

Here's how to ride the boom and insulate your life from the BUST.​

​"Dumb Money" Is Flowing into Tax Auctions Jacking Up Prices... Bad News For Tax Auction Investors But GREAT News For an Overage Investor

​Now, here's something we noticed recently and it's BECAUSE we're in the early stages of this boom. At the Tax Auction we've noticed a lot more DUMB money flooding in. 

That's when you have a bunch of people, with swelled retirement accounts due to gains in stock market and home values, cashing out and then paying WAY too much at the auction for properties that just aren't worth it.

We let them bid it up. We actually smile. Because, we know that the amount of money they pay OVER the tax due is available for us to reclaim for that owner. We know we'll get 33-40% of that overage for hardly doing anything. 

Example: The tax bill is $20,000. The dumb money investors get in a bidding war at the Tax Auction and end up paying $55,000 for the property.

Where does that excess $35,000 go? Well... it should go to the owner but since the government gets to keep it if it goes unclaimed they're in no hurry, right? It becomes a slush fund for them. How much of that would you get for reclaiming it for the owner? About $12,000. Not bad, eh?

Since the economy has started heating up we've noticed the DUMB money​ at tax auction increasing at alarming rates. In fact, we've NEVER seen this much dumb money flowing into auctions. 

But, it won't last. Tax Overages will always be an opportunity to make great money. But, the opportunity to scoop up this much "dumb money" will last only until the boom is over.

That's why we are trying to get as many people set up in their own Overages business as soon as possible. We want them to scoop up as much money as possible while the boom lasts!

The Tax Sale Blueprint provides everything you need to know to take advantage of this BOOM. We show you how to find the overages, how to approach the previous owner, how to handle the government and get PAID 33-40% of each overage reclaimed. It's the EXACT blueprint we've used for years to make great money, year in and year out, easily and without risking capital.

You can HAVE a successful overages business. I understand you may be skeptical. After all,  what I'm saying flies in the face of what other gurus are saying. It is contrary to what your friends and family and teachers think you should do. 

I can only ask you one question:

How many of them are millionaires? 

So it's up to you:

A month from now, you can be nothing more than a month older--- or you can be well on your way to getting rich. 

You decide.

P.S. Want to see ACTUAL checks from students? Just click the video below.