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Using this method you could buy tax liens OR you could simply decide to handle the overages and take a finder's fee for immediate cash - requiring NONE of you own investment capital.

Here's a Typical Tax Lien Overages Success Story

Mark and his two siblings inherit a property that is in poor condition and that no one is living in.  No one wants to deal with it so the taxes go unpaid.

Unpaid real estate taxes eventually add up to many thousands of dollars, and the property goes to tax sale auction. At auction, an investor bids MORE than what is owed on back taxes. That money over and above the taxes is claimable by the estate. But no one realizes there is money to claim. So the money is not claimed and just sits with the government, eventually forfeiting when it goes unclaimed for too long.

Now you step in - you contact one of the heirs to the estate, let them know there is a refund you have located and can get for them - 1/3 each. They have no idea where the money is or how to get it, you have them sign some simple papers, reclaim that money on their behalf, take a nice finders fee and they get money they otherwise would have lost to government forfeiture. Instead of losing everything the siblings have some money and Everybody wins!

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Who is Bob Diamond?

Bob Diamond is a licensed attorney (since 1995) and real estate investor. In law Bob focuses on real estate. In his investing business Bob has been buying at tax sales since 1989 and knows tax sales inside-out from a legal and practical perspective.Bob did his first "Strategy 3" deal in 2005 and since then has replaced most of his "Buying at the Tax Sale" investing to "Profiting Using Strategy 3." Why? Because with red-hot competition to buy houses at tax sale the bargain houses are just not there. But those sky-high bids make "Strategy 3" more profitable. Now is the time for you to learn this exciting strategy and deploy it to help people and make money.

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