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What are Tax Sales and How do I make Money Today?

Tax sales are when the tax collector auctions off real estate to collect unpaid real estate taxes. These sales are held at regular intervals – at least once a year but sometimes weekly, monthly, or annually. The interval depends upon the jurisdiction. The winning bidder receives ownership of the real estate.

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Finding Tax Properties
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Tax Sales Give You Three Opportunities to Make Money

Tax sales actually present three opportunities for you as an investor. Most investors know about the most obvious – buying at the tax sale auction. But few know about the other two, less obvious opportunities created by tax sales.

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Finding Tax Sale Properties

There are many tricks and pitfalls to buying at the tax sale. I bought my first property there in 1989. Our team has been investing for many years and we have learned a lot. We have lots more to share with you about the ins and outs of tax sale.

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